Mischievous bard with some fey ancestry


Bendix fosters a slightly coarse and unkempt appearance–tousled hair, chin stubble , rumpled chlothes–to counter his delicate elfin features. And though he conceals the physical evidence of his fey lineage, he often implies or proclaims his sylvan heritage. It is better that folks scoff and suspect that he is lying about being half-elf than whisper that he is in truth, only half-human.

  • Your mother is the daughter of a wealthy merchant family.
  • As a young maid, she wandered from a a mid-summer’s party and became lost in the forest. Soon she grew tired and lay down to sleep in the mold beneath the towering oaks. In her dreams, she frolicked with beautiful and exotic people beneath the dark boughs.
  • In the weeks following her return to the family estate, she discovered she was with child. A marriage was quickly arranged, but when you were born nobody was fooled. You were obviously not the son of your fat merchant your mother wed.
  • You were never accepted by your family and peers. With your grace and good looks you stood apart, and your mischievous nature would draw the ire of your fellows.
  • Your decision to leave your home was a relief to your family and soon they ushered you off into the world to make your fortune.


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